One of those days

Hey everyone, Matt here. Just taking a brief moment to drop a line between rehearsals, cold medication and trying to memorize lines to say that today was a very glorious and fun-filled Chaos work session. After a few weeks of madcap merriment and mayhem (being geographically challenged, uprooting myself and leaping across the mighty land mass that is Canada, a super secret celebration of the birth Lee in NYC and finishing up work on the pilot for Znation), Team Chaos has landed on our next project. If all goes to plan we are going to be going to camera with in the next month or so. I don’t really want to be too specific or give up the goods just yet, but I will say this: you know when you are in the room and ideas are jumping back and forth and scenes start to take shape? When the idea grows and everyone casts everything else aside and try to make that ONE scene the best it can be? We had that today with THREE very solid scenes! That’s right, THREE pliable units of action across an overreaching arc, with multiple levels of depth in the writing that could shatter the looking glass, with another coming into focus on the tail end of the day. Not a bad start, not a bad start at all. Pretty jazz-ed to see what tomorrow brings. Yes, yes indeed.
Timberlake might have brought sexy back but methinks we’re making it Schtick. Oh…that should read….ah hell, you know what I mean. -mK