We went to this thing (or hosted this thing) and here’s how it all went down.

Is it the shoes?

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Of course there are stories. Just how many can be told is a question we may not be fully qualified to answer. Ha. The Banff World Media Festival is an annual event designed to connect television’s Decision Makers with independent writers and producers. Major players come here to Discover. Aspiring up & coming artists come …

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Bung in the Oven

Here’s Kathryn in action helping us bring to life a joke that started back in 2003. Now that’s terrific sphincter!


in the unbeginning

We’re at that awkward stage of expansion where it’s time for the Chaos Complex to have a public face. We’re narrowing down our selection of clips, choosing our direction for the blog, and trying to coordinate this very large and important step with our already ridiculous production schedule. The awkward thing, to get right to …

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