What do these guys actually do?

The future is written.

In 2009, we had a chance meeting with a producer straight out of Hollywood. He was in Vancouver looking for something interesting to get behind. He liked our moxie. He asked us what we had for him. We had nothing. Oh, we had a million ideas, but they were all just ideas. Not even One …

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And click…

The pieces are really coming together now. Seth Herzog as Jackson, one of our tortured main characters. He did a great job on the day and now it’s our turn to make him look even better.

Bung in the Oven

Here’s Kathryn in action helping us bring to life a joke that started back in 2003. Now that’s terrific sphincter!

Almost Broken Teaser – Edit Day 1

The cutters get to work and it’s looking good! The only way to edit… Mobile. And with a Caesar. mmmmmm


in the unbeginning

We’re at that awkward stage of expansion where it’s time for the Chaos Complex to have a public face. We’re narrowing down our selection of clips, choosing our direction for the blog, and trying to coordinate this very large and important step with our already ridiculous production schedule. The awkward thing, to get right to …

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