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2.5D – the parallax effect

I have got to find me some more time on the edit desk. Meanwhile, in case you’ve got a free minute: Thanks to FStoppers for the heads-up on the quickie tutorial.

Tweet: Sometimes you

Sometimes you know it’s the tip of the iceberg. #chaosblog

Mavericks? Yes, have some.

Here comes OS X 10.9 “Mavericks”: Speaking as film folk, that tagging feature will very handy. Will we update? Soon. As soon as Final Cut and Pro Tools and Adobe say we can. Should be, oh, mid-2014? sigh. – A


in the unbeginning

We’re at that awkward stage of expansion where it’s time for the Chaos Complex to have a public face. We’re narrowing down our selection of clips, choosing our direction for the blog, and trying to coordinate this very large and important step with our already ridiculous production schedule. The awkward thing, to get right to …

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macbook pro

And there it was… begun

So I believe it must start somewhere and if it weren’t for the lovely beasts we call our Macs, where would we be? Nowheres. Or scattered haphazardly through the galaxy like… Well my brain, I suppose.