The future is written.

In 2009, we had a chance meeting with a producer straight out of Hollywood. He was in Vancouver looking for something interesting to get behind. He liked our moxie. He asked us what we had for him. We had nothing. Oh, we had a million ideas, but they were all just ideas. Not even One Lines. It was a golden opportunity missed. Afterward we beat ourselves up a little and swore that was the last time THAT was going to happen. On the spot we got to work.

Three years later, among hundreds of ideas in various stages of development, one of those projects is Almost Broken, with a ready-to-shoot pilot script, full season arc and bible. This tv series will, and this is no exaggeration, change television forever. This is what the industry has been searching for. The audience will go bananas for it. The teaser (vimeo link), I should point out, doesn’t reveal The Really Big Secret.

To say social media is having an influence is about as gross an understatement as possible. You can get a hint of it in Clive Thompson’s thoughtful article in Wired here: How Social Media Turns Creative Pursuits Into ‘Live’ Performances

But let me be completely clear – without this show, OUR show, the industry is years away from where we landed three years ago. We are geeked, to quote Mr Lee Baran.

We recently got back from the Banff World Media Festival, where we had some great conversations with various studio and network brass. We are very encouraged. We’ve begun the back & forth with some of them that will hopefully lead to Changing the World of Tomorrow Today. It’s ambitious, but only in that it is ahead of its time.

The future is written. By us. And it’s hilarious.