in the unbeginning


We’re at that awkward stage of expansion where it’s time for the Chaos Complex to have a public face. We’re narrowing down our selection of clips, choosing our direction for the blog, and trying to coordinate this very large and important step with our already ridiculous production schedule.

The awkward thing, to get right to it, is that a blog has to have a beginning, and you really don’t want to come across sounding grandiose or amateurish while you’re finding your voice, no matter who you are. We are, if not perfectionists in the slavish sense, at least very demanding of ourselves and the rest of the industry. We could debate endlessly about how to launch this venue the same way we debate the most effective opening scene of a pilot. I think it’s probably fair to argue that launching a blog should not carry quite the same weight. Just dive in, so to speak. Nevertheless… there has to be a Page One.

Maybe it will be a little easier for me, having been a blogger since before anybody knew what a blog was. Lee and Matt, while shining brightly in many other arenas, have never had a public pen. Acting, producing, directing, editing, script writing — these they have in spades. Now all three of us have to figure out how to author a blog for a professional production company. Why have a blog at all? Because we think that’s what multi-million dollar production companies should do in a wired world.

I suspect that, like everything else we throw ourselves into, we will forge our own path and do just fine. Keep the rules we like and revise the ones we don’t. It’s not that we reject the system. It’s more that… a little chaos stirred in has to be a Good Thing.