Productivity galore

What a great day so far.  The writing flowed quick and easy while we finished up one of the major scenes in our web series/feature film project.  After that, what did we do? Well, we submitted our feature film Shoot This and the pilot episode of our TV series Zombie Nation to the First Look […]

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Home again, home again, jiggidy jig. One of the first things I get to see when getting a ride into the city from Newark airport is the Empire State Building. There’s something very comforting about being able to see your home from a state away. Well, obviously I don’t live in the ESB but it’s

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Goodbye Austin

That was an adventure. So much fun (too much) with so many new friends (never too many). But now I’m back on the plane, headed back home to NYC. I’m sure that I’ll have more time to reflect on it once my liver has dried out a bit. Until then, I’m just trying to figure

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We’re onto something

Not that there is much doubt but we’re ahead of the curve again. (I swear that wasn’t douche-y) I had a chance to attend a great panel with the creator and writers of Mind-Games. What made it interesting was the way that they work and they work like we do, here at the Chaos. G+

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Pitch Competition

WHAT????!!!!! So that happened. Austin Film Festival has a crazy competition that I was lucky enough to be a part. 16 writers get to stand up in front of about 50-60 people and pitch their idea/script. 2 judges that have already sold their own scripts sit at the front and you pitch to them. No

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The festival continues… Panels are interesting. If the festival is good, they have a plethora of speakers that have had some measure of success in the industry and relate their experiences to the next generation of aspiring writers/filmmakers. The real problem is that every success was achieved in a different manner, so what is being

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And hello Austin

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Goodbye NYC

Well, I suppose it’s merely a- Later New York. Anywell, I’m Austin bound and getting excited, almost as excited as I get before Banff. I suppose the only reason I’m not quite there on the happy ha-ha scale is that I’m missin’ the fellas. That’s right, I’m making this journey on the solo tip. What

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